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Welcome to the Single Side Band "RagChewers" 

The Single Side Band RagChewers are a group of people who for no other reason than having a good time on the radio, meet at least once a week on SSB frequency 26.150,00 Lower side band. We welcome Hams and Freebanders to the frequency, and we always try to help out each other with radio questions and problems.

A good example of some of the kinds of DX NETs we have had would be: 2 stations in 2 division. One in New York State the other in Delaware, 1 station in Ontario Canada, 2 stations in Sweden, 3 stations in Netherlands, and 1 station in Finland, all beaming the most central station or working with verticals being able to QSO with each other at some point during the DX Net.

You dont have to have a big Yaesu or Kenwood Rig. A Ranger Cobra or President will do very well. Many of our operators use dipoles in the loft or wire antenna hanging from a balcony, as long as you have the frequency, you can join in, we are a group of close friends and you are welcome to join in.

73, Julian (56WW001)





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