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Alfa Delta DX Group, Gibraltar.
Alfa Golf, Germany.
Alfa Golf DX Group, Germany.
Alfa Mike Fox, Holland
Alpha Romeo Charlie, Italia
Alfa Sierra Alfa, Sweden.
Alfa Tango DX Group, Italy.
Alpha Delta November, France.
Assistance Vexin Radio, France.

Botswana Radio DX Group, Botswana.
Bravo Golf DX Group,
Bravo Mike DX Group,
Bravo Romeo Charlie DX Group. Belgium
Bravo Whiskey DX Group.
BSB Radio Club, Australia.

Charly Alpha Bravo DX Group, France.
Charly Alpha DX Group, Italy.
Charlie Michael, England
Charly Sierra, Poland.
Charlie Sierra,
Charlie Tango DX Group, Germany.
Costa Verde DX Group, Costa Verde.

Delta Kilo DX Group, Germany.
Delta Romeo, France.
Delta Radio HQ, Italy.
Delta Tango International DX Group, England.
Dream Team, France.

Eagle Lads, Germany.
Echo Echo DX Group, Poland.
Echo Tango, France.
Echo Tango, France.
Echo Tango Int. DX Group, USA.
Echo Uniform Group, Italy.
EL DX Group, Germany.
European Radio Club - EU, Italy.
Eco World, Poland.

Florida Alfa Tango, France.
Foxtrot Papa, Poland.
Foxtrot Uniform, Holland.
Freedom & Friendship DX Group, Germany.
Friendship U.S.A. DX Group, U.S.A.

Golf Delta Mike, Belgium.
Gruppo Pulcinella, Italy.

Hotel Tango Sierra DX Group, Sweden.

India Fox DX Group, France.
International Radio DX Group, Australia.
International Radio DX Group, Netherlands.
International Sidebanders
IRC, France.

Kilo Golf, USA.
Kilo Papa, Italia
Knight Patrol, USA.

Lima Bravo November, Lebanon.
Lima Delta, Italy
Lima Tango Delta DX Group, Poland.

Mike Romeo Dx Group,
Maik Uniform, Div. France
Maik Uniform, Spain.

NA Ceiltigh DX Group,
Nancy Florida, Belgium.
New Delta's DX Group, Belgium.
November Foxtrot Club. Norway.

Omega Radio Group, France.
Oscar Sierra Bravo, USA.

Papa Alfa Sierra DX Group, Spain.
Papa Charlie CB Club, USA.
Procom DX Group,

Radio Canada, Canada.
Romeo Charlie, France.
Radio Charly Alpha DX Group, France.
Romeo Fox, Canada.
Radio Friendship DX Group,
Romeo Golf DX Group,
Romeo India DX Club, England.
Radio Unida DX Group,

Sandusky CB Club, USA.
Spanish, S. D.
S.E.O. DX Group,
Sierra Alfa DX Group, France.
Sierra Juliet, Uruguay.
Sierra Papa DX Group, Italy.
Sierra Oscar, France.
Sierra Sierra, Spain.
Sierra Whiskey DX Group, Sweden.
South Wales Warriors DX Group, Wales.
Sugar Delta DX Group, Italy.
Sugar Florida, Spain.
Superior Equipment Operators Club.

Tango Echo, England.
Tango Wisky, Holland.
Tweed Radio, Australia.

Victor Charlie, France.
Victor Echo,
Victor Lima, France.
Victor Sierra DX Group

Western America DX Group, USA.
Whiskey Delta DX Group
Whiskey November, Canada.
White Eagle DX Group,
White Horse, Sweden.
World Amateurs Club, Netherlands.
WOG DX Group.
World Wide Radio Group,

Yankee Yankee DX Group, France.
Yankee Yankee, France.

Zulu Bravo - Grupo Radio Euskadi, Spain.

Other CB-Radio sites.

11 Meter Radio.
Buckwheat Domain, Canada.
CB Radio in Poland.
CB web English $ French.
HAM Radio, CB, Pirate Radio, Shortwave freq. DX-Ing, Terms,etc.
Sugar Delta France.
Sugar Delta La Moselle.
Sugar Delta Magazine.
Sugar Delta H.Q. MALTA.
Sugar Delta Spain Tyson's CB radio page.
And take a look in the
News Group for more cb info.

Web Controlled Radios.

R8 Receiver
SWL 440
Listen Icom R7000!

DX Utilities

425 DX News.
555 the pages for 11mt. Dx'er.
Announcing DXZone.
Antenna Software.
Current Propagation Forecast.
Diamond Printing & QSL Cards.
Near Real Time E-Layer Critical Frequency Map. Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage.


Action C.B. & Electronics.
ALAN Electronics GmbH.
C.B. Radio Resources.
CTE International.
Davemade Amplifiers.
DNT Germany.
DX Communication, Canada.
DX System Radio, France
GB Antennas and Towers. Holland.
Nomad Electronics.
President Jackson.
RMS International.
Universal Radio.
ZX-YAGI Antennas. Holland.

Other interested sites

EliaShim, Intelligent Computer Security.
Mic Wiring Info.
National Geographics.
See your own house.
Do you need stickers take a look here.
The Electric Postcard.
The Ultimate Guide to 11 Meter CB Antennas.
Virus programs.

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